The Unity Collective USA staff pic

The Unity Collective USA is a peace movement started by, The Bergamot. The concept is to share uplifting music, garner unifying signatures + messages onto The Unity Car while documenting the American dream in motion.

Nathaniel and I set forth on January 2nd, 2016 to tour all  50 states of America. By the end of the tour the car (aka The Unity Car) will become a collective art piece we can share with the world as a symbol of hope.

On  January 2nd, 2016 we launched The Unity Collective USA from NYC and set out in our 2002 Volvo with 273,000 miles on it to tour all fifty-states of America as The Unity Collective USA.

Our goal with “The Unity Collective USA” is to  perform uplifting music in every state inviting new and old fans to sign the outside of “The Unity Car” with their message of peace and unity.

photo by : leah tribbett

photo by : leah tribbett

By August 27, 2016 we will have toured all 50 states and performed 100 shows. With our fans help we are able to create a peace movement and a collective art piece showing the world we are more united than divided.

In a world where fear, uncertainty, and worry are the main selling point in the news we feel there has never been a greater time to stand united in peace.

At the end of our 50 state tour we will be auctioning off “The Unity Car”, donating the proceeds to Memorial Children’s Hospital, and releasing a documentary.

We are serious about spreading good vibes with the world and with your help we are able to make this dream reality. So, what will you write on “The Unity Car” ?