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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing – Edmund Burke 

This past year I have had the honor of touring with our band The Bergamot across America to all 50 States in the name of Unity.

Setting sail in 2016 was hard fought. Each day, my husband Nathaniel and I traveled to far off places starting from our apartment in Brooklyn, New York and heading all the way to Flat Top Mountain in Alaska.

I recall our second official Unity Collective show in Florida and it makes me feel like last year never happened.

Mostly because it was the fastest year of my life and it held many emotional ups and downs.

When your living from 28 square feet for 365 days you realize that life comes at you in a uncertain way but it also unfolds beautifully… as if a guiding love had planned the whole thing and we just had to show up.

Each day we would travel and perform a show, sometimes we would stand on top of The Unity Car and perform. During those performances we would invite the curious onlookers to sign there message of unity + peace on The Unity Car.

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The expressions on their faces were priceless. Most of the time people would smile and then look at the person next to them pointing at the car in wonder and excitement of what they might write on the car.

Though many were timid to sign the car after they saw many gathered around it they became sure that it was OK and then typically grabbed a marker and left there hope for the world. It was a beautiful and life giving process to see The Unity Car fill up with such positive and loving messages.

The Unity Collective

Some messages were as simple as, ” No guns, More Hugs” (KKB) while others wrote more prolific messages like this one, Unity is…”Not always agreeing, but always accepting”. (Philip Chiappane)

After a year of cultivating peace and hope I look back and think how incredible the journey was and how exciting it is going forward into a rocky social landscape that desperately needs light, love, and unity.

All we can do is be joy. As individuals we must seek The Great Love and become the love so that we can further cultivate peace and respect for one another. Spread joy to yourself and then spread that joy to others.

Do what you love and be love. This is the great secret we hold this is the story we know. Now it is time for all to do something… an act of love is a great place to start. When you feel like giving up look to the stars and know there The Great Love is rooting you on, be the change.

Shine ON,