Wow, blown away by the fact that The Unity Collective USA just hit it’s 14th state!

Just this week with over 46 hours of road time under our belts we made it to Austin,Texas. Where we performed 7 shows in 4 days, yeah you heard right. Needless to say, our route looked like this. We listened to hours of podcasts. Here are a few The Minimalists, SERIAL, This American Life, Reveal, to The Moth.

Route to SXSW

We performed two shows this week. Our first show took place at beautiful Castleton University. It was nestled in the Vermont Mountains with winding streams, and pines.

Geez, talk about an amazing place with the sweetest folks around. Of course we got a chance to hang with some super-fans/friends at Gill’s Delicatessen.

Over massive sub’s we laughed and talked about pursuing your dreams even when the odds are against you, especially when the odds are against you.

Our friend Eric D. brought up the concept that,  “you are the captain of your fate how you alone get to choose the outcome of your days be it positive or negative”.

So, yeah you could say our conversation got deep but I suppose that is what The Unity Collective USA tour is all about. Great fellowship, meaningful conversations, and breaking down walls to unite in love.

It was a great chat at the sandwich shop..then we headed over and performed a uplifting set at the University.

Did I mention all of the amazing new features we got this past week. Click the photos below to check out the stories and find juicy details about our life in the articles. Plus, I reveal my all time favorite sweet potato biscuit recipe.

Mind glowingly good sweet potato

To find out more about our brand new release TONES, go ahead and click the photo below and read our most recent review in HALF BEAT MAGAZINE. And of course if your interested in coffee… check out our top 5 favorite coffee spots in our Culture Collide feature here.

Half beat magazine

We arrived in Dallas on Wednesday morning at 3AM then later that night (Wednesday March 16th) we performed an amazing house concert at our friend Amy + Jeff’s new home. After the house concert we drove 4 hours to Austin, TX arriving at 4AM.

Amy + Jeff House show Dallas

Amy + Jeff House Concert Dallas

Here we are and it is 4AM.  Nathaniel is inside checking us into Hotel Renaissance, Austin one of our trip sponsors. More to come on this in The State of the Unity :: Week 11. Until, next time please take a moment to share our story with The Unity Collective with Ellen here–

 Shine ON