Week 12 has been full of planes, trains, and automobiles. We are exhausted and greatly invigorated. This week we wanted to change it up and poke fun at ourselves thus you have this video.

Nonetheless, after SXSW finished we made our way back up to Dallas, Texas where we crashed with family for one night Tuesday then got on a plan Wednesday morning headed home to New York City for the weekend.

We arrived in NYC Wednesday evening and after 12 weeks of not being home it felt foreign, it was so weird.

On Thursday we got a chance to celebrate NPH’s birthday it was so rare to have time alone together to laugh, and be present in the day. Around 11 am on his birthday we performed a live set at Milk & Roses up the street from our place. It was dreamy and we even had a crowed for that set pretty wild at 11am.

Then Friday morning we woke up and grabbed a rental car. Around 12 noon after stopping at Blue Bottle we were off to drive 4.5 hours Elmira College. Once we arrived at Elmira we did a performance as part of a Peace Collection installed by keynote speaker John Nebbs.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

We opened up the night for John by performing live, and telling stories we had learned onThe Unity Collective tour. It is in those moments that I realize how important sharing our uplifting music is.

Then we had the joy of listening to John’s amazing stories from his new book A Peace of My Mind. It was a prolific collection over how people see peace and what peace means. One of my favorite messages he said during his speech was about a women who was diagnosed with cancer. She wanted to bring peace into the world and her focus was to get better, go home, and spread JOY. Ahh, I just adored this message it resonated with me to the point where I got chills listening to this. Peace means to many things to each of us it is good because he got me thinking about what peace means to me.

After we finished that show we all shared a meal together and off to bed in the dorms we went.

Saturday through Tuesday morning we filled our days in the city with meetings, planning, and gearing up to begin the largest portion of The Unity Collective USA tour. Plus we got re-inspired to garner more substance via peace makers into this movement. All good things coming down the pipe-line.

Yesterday we made it from Dallas to Des Moines, Iowa as we travel in The Unity Car up to Minneapolis to perform ( Thursday at St Thomas University)

Shine ON The State of the Unity is STRONG,