Could it be possible to love living from the road so much that you never want to go back to living in a house? The answer is yes – well that is if you are musicians with wanderlust hearts. Lucky for us the shoe fits. It’s week 14, we’ve made it to our 15th state.


Sure, life on the road has its complications like where to do laundry at, figuring out where to sleepto the car having to go into the shop every month for check ups.

My husband Nathaniel and I launched The Unity Collective USA on January 2nd, 2016 and by April 15th, 2016 we have crossed off 17 states. Only 33 states to go. What’s wild is this week alone we will hit 21 states including Montana, Idaho, Washington State, and Alaska 🇺🇸

Shot this photo at an alternative grade school called Upland Hills north of Detroit. We had all the kids sign there message of Unity on the Unity Car! They were so giggly and excited to sign a car. We just hope they don’t go and sign other people’s cars ☺️

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On April 8th, we drove from Indiana to Lansing, Michigan to perform our first show ever in Lansing!


Not gunna sugar coat it we were a bit skeptical to see if anyone would join us since we literally had never been to Lansing.

The Bergamot Avenue Cafe

However to our joy tons of college students came out and loved our set. We got a lot of great footage from everyone signing The Unity car.

We crashed at a punk-squat-house that night with our new friend, Jeremy. Seriously, not sure what we would have done without you.


Next stop, Detroit… to perform at our dear friends (Dean&Kathys) house. Dang, do they know how to throw a house concert! They made vegitarian enchiladas, guacamole, Mexican rice and so much more.

The concert was intimate (30ppl) and wonderful in a expansive way. Plus, Nathaniel recorded the whole show (first ever on this tour)


We left Detroit rejuvenated, but through the snow we both managed to catch a pesky head cold. Luckily, it did not affect our voices. We just felt funny (sluggish, contested) blahh

Finally, we arrived in Fort Wayne, IN for a sponsored show at the Jennifer Ford Art Gallery. The show was slammed out with fans, we even had a special guest fly in from Texas to be with us at the show. It was pretty much a love festival. ( we recorded this show too )


Check out the cake Mike got us fromSweets So Geek!!!! It was as delicious as it was beautiful. Oh, did I mention it was made with Bergamot!!!


To conclude the weekend we opened up for Dr. Shefali who was just featured on Oprah.


It was a magical event – she even showed me photos of her with Marie Forleo & Kris Carr. Swoon!! Then she invited us to perform at her conference in October.✨


The next morning we woke up in a sustainable cabin styled learning facility at Upland Hills. Nathaniel made a fire to warm us and poured a cup of coffee.


It was a magical morning. After we got dressed for the day we performed a concert for the kids at Upland. ❤️


So much Joy was spread this past weekend- culminating in our show at The University of Akron! These photos say it all.

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Well, that’s a wrap on Week 14! See you in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho – we’re officially in week 15.

Shine ON,

Jillian & Nathaniel