South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho – state by state we make our way out West!

Asphalt, road lines, trees, sky oh my… we are so tired.

We went from Akron, Ohio (April 12th -13th) to South Bend (13th) to Illinois to sleep in a hotel. Then drove from Illinois to South Dakota (April 14th) where we performed for South Dakota State University.


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From there we drove north to Fargo where we met up with one of the most beautiful communities at 20 Below Coffee Co. There they hosted us on Friday April 15th. Tons of folks poured into 20 Below packing it out for a great show and car signing.


I did learn one thing — it’s probably never a good idea to leave sharpies unattended on the car. You see at The University of Akron we had tons of new signings including sharpie graffiti on all of the windows (yes and when I say all of the windows I mean all of the windows the front windshield was covered.) We had a feeling this might happen at some point so when it did we were like ahhhh ok so this is the day. Then went on-line and garnered information as to how to get it off the windows.

So here it is, if anyone ever sharpies up your car – go to the store and buy a cloth-rag and the highest proof rubbing alcohol you can find. Then get busy and you will be able to get most of it off.


The next night we stayed with our friend Billy and that Saturday April 16th, he hosted a house concert. We we’re greeted with an excited crowed filled with wonder and amazement as to The Unity Collective and our mission out here on the road. It was rainy that night so we did not get a chance to do a car signing but the next morning our friend Billy signed the car with his girl.

Around ten in the morning we found our way packing our gear back into The Unity Car. Next stop was Montana.

We made the drive and arrived in Missoula, Montana where we stayed with our friend Ryan and his lovely girlfriend. That night we slept like babies. The next day we spent working and walking around Missoula where they had surfers catching a wave in their river down town, plus they also had letters in the mountains.


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That night we performed at Zootown Brew (April 19th) ! So many great people came out and supported us. It was a beautiful space with beautiful people. Montana was good to us. We headed out the next morning and drove to Post Falls, Idaho.

Who knew Idaho was so beautiful!!!! Holy cow, we arrived in and made our way to Crafted where our minds were blown by the delicious food served up (cauliflower cakes and NPH had the chicken tacos). Once we were well fueled we noticed that people kept looking at “The Unity Car” and asking if they could sign in.

Literally, we had three people stop and buy TONES from the back hatch of our car. They loved the movement that much that they instantly supported. Talk about a warm welcoming.

Once we had a chance to get our bearings we found a great spot to work from called The Well, plus we were able to get a juice drink at the yoga studio/juice bar too.



Then that night (April 20th) we set up to perform at DOMA COFFEE ROASTING COMPANY. It was incredible; so many joyful people came out to this show to show their support.

We also fell in love with DOMA COFFEE ROASTING COMPANY. They are some of the most genuine, passionate, sustainable entrepreneurs we have ever met.

Then at the end of the show we had multiple people come up to us and offer us a place to stay… we ended up crashing with our new friends Deb and Banana. They offered us a great piece of advice, “ pack lightly in everything.” That night we were so tired that we shot “The State of The Unity” from our bed in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Thats all for this time…

Until next time Shine ON – THE STATE OF THE UNITY