April 28th – May 4th

Quote of the day : talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. break the habit talk about your joys.

28th – House Concert w/ Nick’s friends at the Hostel

29th – Steamdot Williwaw Social Showcase Event

30th – Steamdot Concert at Coffee Roasting Cafe/Plant Wongi

1st Wongi exploration day and photo shoot

2nd Girdwood Birthday House Concert


State of the Unity Week :: 17

April 27th – May 2nd

Dinner with Andy and Macaire – sushi + unity car signing

Hotel 8

Pack up bags – clean off computer to free up space

Drop off The Unity Car to parking lot

Catch early morning flight from Seattle to Anchorage Alaska.

On Sunday April 25th we flew from Seattle to Anchorage Alaska. It was a sunny day and I can remember being super excited because it was also my twenty-eighth birthday. That first day we got a rental car around 9am then got really horrible indian food, and our stomachs churned a bit. After that we thought it would be good to go on a walk but we really did not have good footing on where the bears and wild creatures liked to hang at so we just walked on a path near the Airbnb we were staying at for that night.

The only thing was we both felt really jet lagged. So we took a nap and slept hard for about 4 hours. Got up and decided to go to get a birthday dinner of Thai food which was located in a small shack near downtown. Typically hole in the wall restaurants are our jam but the food here was not so hot. Then our stomachs churned a bit more. At this point in the day we decided it would be best to grab a few small treats from the local natural food store and take them back to the Airbnb. Once we arrived back we curled up on the floor by a small electric fire place laughing about how odd Anchorage’s food scene was, and how weird it was that we had made it to Alaska. We merrily ate chocolate mints next to the electric fire place until our heavy travel worn eyes could not stay open for any longer.

In the morning we got up and headed over to the news station where we did a live interview about The Unity Collective USA tour and our show in Alaska that upcoming Friday night at Willawa Social. Then around 7am we drove back to our place ate avocados, sprouted toast, and jam upstairs in the commons dinning room.

The jam was particularly delicious in flavor because it was made from fresh berries native to Alaska. We both were itching to get out of the Airbnb because the owner was making insulting comments about a transgendered woman who had stayed there a few weeks before. We both spoke up for the GLBT community and it seemed to have made the situation more awkward. So we decided to check out but had a funny energy about the whole conversation with the gentleman who owned the house. Finally, we were in our rental car and decided to touch base with our friends over at Steamdot Coffee Roasters.

They were putting on two events for us while we were in town. Needless, to say these were the kindest folks ever. They gifted us a gift card for food/drinks at there shop for the whole week plus on the back end of our trip they put us up in a hotel room for three nights. Not to mention, the second night we were there the manager’s father hosted us. Then by Wednesday friends had helped us get hooked up with the local hostel in town. Thursday we performed a going away party for a community member at the hostel and continued meeting the most amazing people ever. Friday night we had a great crowed come out to our performance at Williwa Social. Plus, we had our new photographer friends Jonas and Wongi shoot the night. It was magical.

Saturday morning we geared up for our unplugged show at Steamdot at the O’Malley location. There were so many people who came out to that show who had just seen us during the week it was incredible to see the growth in fans that had occurred in just three days.

After each performance we had everyone signed a piece of “The Unity Car.”

Satuday night we hung out with our new friends making S’mores over a gas stovetop and listening to Fleet Wood Mac through an i-pod .

Then Sunday we went out into the wild for a photography session with our new friend Wonji. He was amazing; we laughed a ton on that rainy day. He took us to top-notch mountain over looks and even hidden waterfalls. I got the first sign of frostbite on my feet after going up flat top mountain in black ked’s from H&M. It was horrifying – I could not feel my feet at all and right before they went totally numb it felt like knives were going into them.

The wind-chill on top of that mountain must have been negative twenty degrees. The snow was so white it looked blue. It was wild and wondrous all at the same time. I finally got the feeling back in my feet after thirty minutes or so.

Right then and there I vow to never again go into the cold like that so un-prepared. As we were driving in the truck back to Anchorage I got a text from Kira woman in Girdwood who was having a birthday gathering. She said she would love to have us perform a house concert for all of her friends. Of course we said yes. So we got into our rental car drove forty minutes there and Girdwood was born to us.

At the gathering these folks were so open-minded. They all participated in bringing food and they even put gold tattoos on our faces right before we performed.

It was a really special night. Right after the show ended an enthusiastic woman came up to us and said you must go to Paia.

We were like, where is Paia. She said it is a mystical town located in Maui. Its nestled upon the hill at the closest point to the old sugar cane fields. She told us, that right there resides a yoga shala where a woman named Nadia and a man named Shakta facilitate yoga teachings/experiences. She said, “I am sure they would love you and your music.” So the next day I received a email from her connecting me to Shakta and Nadia. Shortly there after, I got off the phone with Shakta and booked our flights to Maui. Little did I know when I booked those flights to Maui what a whirl wind was to come during that daunting month of May.

The State of the Unity is Strong,